Psychological Assessment

What is Psychological Assessment?

At Alberts and Associates, we oversee and administer personal assessments in a wide variety of areas, so what is it? A psychological assessment is series of tests that give us insight into who you are. From this process, using the leading assessment tools on the market, we will learn such things as your:

  • personality traits.
  • behavioural tendencies.
  • strengths and aptitudes.
  • areas with the potential for growth.

Having an understanding of these areas will help you if you decide to seek counselling or coaching, and better prepare you for any pursuits that you undertake in or out of Calgary. Psychological assessment equips you with the knowledge to move forward and live your life with confidence.

Areas of Assessment

We offer assessment in the following forms:

  • Career Assessment
  • Psychoeducational Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment

Career Assessment

A career assessment focuses on just that, your career. Over the course of a few days we will follow a process that combines a thorough interview and several state of the art testing tools in order to evaluate your intellectual abilities, skills, and career interests. Following this, we discuss your analyzed results in great detail in order to determine what career options are best suited for you.

Psychoeducational Assessment Calgary

A psychoeducational assessment looks at a student's learning and cognitive abilities. Through discussions and testing tools we can provide a complete understanding of this student in areas such as:

  • intelligence and learning potential.
  • possible learning disabilites.
  • attention problems.
  • anxiety or mental health concerns.

Using these, as well as other factors that affect learning, we can assemble this student's learning profile with helpful information and recommendations for educational planning, accommodations, academic and career success, and overall well-being.

Leadership Assessment

A leadership assessment revolves around determining your leadership style and abilities. More specifically, it's a look at your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your motivations as a leader. Using the best assessment tools on the market, as well as several interviews, we will obtain an understanding of who you are in these areas and provide a springboard that you can use to pursue leadership opportunities.

Why Choose Us

On the fence about getting a psychological assessment? Calgary shouldn't be a place where you feel confused about what you want or what you're doing. Through assessment we can provide you with the tools you need to live your life with greater confidence and ease. With the knowledge and awareness that you gain, you will be better equipped than ever to tackle the path ahead. No matter what you're thinking of pursuing in Calgary, psychological assessment can help you get there faster.

Choose Gerard Alberts as for your psychological assessment: Calgary-based psychologist with years of experience with providing personal assessments. A Calgary psychological assessment can help you, will you let it?

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