Career Counselling

Who You Are

Do you find yourself at a crossroads in your career? Are you stressed and anxious about your career direction? Unsure if your current position is where you belong? If so, you may want to look into counselling in Calgary. Career counselling is an option that many others like yourself find beneficial to their development in multiple areas. Some of our client's common circumstances include:

  • Those seeking midlife career changes
  • Leaders who desire greater fulfillment in their work
  • Students experiencing uncertainty and anxiety about reaching their career goals
  • Career-focused individuals who find themselves without work
  • Parents concerned over their child's current career and life direction

If you find yourself in any of these situations, or others where your career is causing you problems in Calgary, career counselling may be just the solution you need.

Career Counselling Calgary, AB

So what is career counselling? Calgary is a bustling city that provides a multitude of career opportunities, the aim of career counselling is to help you better understand yourself so that you may pursue these career and life opportunities in accordance with who you are as a person. Through career counselling you will develop a comprehensive understanding of such things as your:

  • strengths and areas of growth, as they relate to your career interests.
  • values, personality, and motivations.
  • skills, gifts, and hidden talents.

Once you are equipped with this knowledge and self-awareness, we will develop strategies to help you further your career and life aspirations.

How Career Counselling Works

Now that you have an idea of the counselling process, you may want to know more about the specifics of our Calgary career counselling. Together, we will help you grow in two ways. First, we will work to gain a clear sense of your strengths and second, we will develop your mental areas in order to build a far greater confidence in these places. These goals will be reached through formal evaluation of your career-related attributes, using state-of-the-art assessment tools, along with a series of in-depth interviews. Ultimately, we will develop realistic goals and actions plans, as well as lay out specific next steps that you can take to achieve these goals and reach your full potential.

Why Choose Us

So why should you choose counselling with a career coach? Calgary has a lot to offer for career-minded people, however, most people never develop a clear career plan. Without such a plan people can find themselves spinning their wheels as they encounter ongoing frustrations and failures, often ending with them feeling a sense of lost dreams, wondering "what could have been?". Don't let that be you.

Choose Gerard Alberts as your career coach: Calgary-based psychologist with years of experience in helping career developers reach their full potential. Let our grown in Calgary career counselling guide you to success.

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