Leadership Coaching and Executive Development

Leadership Coaching

Do you need leadership development and leadership coaching? Calgary work life poses challenges for leaders that require special attention. You mayfind find yourself dealing with:

  • Competing priorities
  • Marketplace volatility
  • New business objectives
  • Changing responsibilities
  • Time constraints

All of these factors force executives and team leaders to become more focused and develop specific strategies and tools to help them succeed in their roles.

Effective support is necessary to ensure leaders make the best decisions regarding vital supervisory and business operations. To do this, they must manage themselves well, lead and motivate others to excel, and overcome career hurdles to ensure overall continuing success. Performance very often suffers when professional guidance is not provided. Avoid this with our leadership development and leadership coaching Calgary services, get the support you need for the task at hand.

Executive Development Calgary

Our coaching programs benefit executives, team leaders, and potentials by:

  • Affirming leadership competencies and personal strengths
  • Assessing developmental needs
  • Prioritizing and attaining personal, professional, and career goals
  • Collaboratively analyzing challenges and establishing practical action plans with desired outcomes
  • eveloping strategies and confidence in overcoming obstacles, improving communication, and managing conflict
  • Enhancing skills to lead people and initiatives effectively in complex situations

Our clients are treated with courtesy and honesty. When you engage our executive coaching Calgary or leadership development services, we meet you for an interview and ongoing sessions in a venue convenient to you, such as your office or board room, a quiet café or restaurant, or in our comfortable, well-appointed offices. As a client, you will not have to guess about the ethics of the people working on your behalf. Only senior associates will work with you to discuss assessment results, develop your career plan, and collaboratively stay focused on your goals and action commitments. The highest standards of professionalism guideour practice. Executive coaching Calgary will help you through the leadership challenges that you face.

Choose Gerard Alberts for your leadership development your executive coaching:Calgary-based psychologist with years of experience in helping leaders overcome workplace challenges. Executive coaching Calgary may be exactly what you need.

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