Associates we work with:

Our practices are intentionally close to each other in Calgary, Alberta where we work with a partnership of incredibly talented and caring specialists from a wide assortment of affiliations and healing prespectives. They open new portals for discussion, while they additionally offer us a plethora of referral choices when our customer's needs are outside of our range of abilities.

Registered Psychologist

Gerard Alberts

Offering the complete range of career, executive & leadership coaching, testing & assessment services.


Kelvin Block

‘Trying Harder’ in your marriage isn’t working? Relationship Counselling Calgary is for you.

Registered Psychologist

Roche Herbst

Finding it difficult to focus and pay attention?
ADHD therapy pays off!

Provisional Psychologist

Cal H. Henze

Individual and Couples Christian Psychological Counselling.
Experience the difference today!

Registered Christian

Roslyn Henze

Uniquely different!
Experience rest and healing through Spiritual Direction Calgary.

Registered Psychologist

Natalie Imbach

Adolescent, couple or family struggles with addiction, grief, trauma, or mental health? Find help and healing in Calgary.

Registered Psychologist

Maureen Theberge

Find help and healing in Calgary with grief and life transitions.

Registered Christian Counsellor

Future Menber

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